Seven Tips for choosing your Asian Bridal Wear!

One of the biggest decisions that you’ll have to make as a bride is picking your wedding dress. Your wedding dress should show off your style, beauty and grace whilst making you look beautiful and feel confident.

But the quest to find that dress can seem pretty daunting; whether trying to gather designs for a bespoke gown, or being spoilt for choice when choosing from a collection. That’s where Bridal designer Minal Shah can help, with her expert advice on what to consider when choosing that fabulous dress.

Having been established in the industry for fifteen years as a professional make-up artist and bridal designer, Minal’s bridal collection, Micha Couture, extends beyond beautiful wedding dresses. Her sense of make-up and exquisite designs enables her to envision the final bridal look that helps to achieve a look of sophistication and elegance.

Minal’s years of experience in the business means that she’s dealt with a huge range of concerns from very different brides. Over the years she has given guidance to many brides that help make choosing that special dress an easier process.

Your Dream Shaadi is delighted to share Minal’s advice, and to introduce you to her top seven tips of wedding dress bliss, so you can have your happily ever after.


Before you start shopping for your dress, you should have a vision of how you want to look. There are so many looks that you can achieve as a bride, from the classic white wedding look, to the colourful Bollywood Bride, or even having a themed dress. Pick something that will truly reflect you and that you feel comfortable wearing.

You’ll need to take into consideration the time of year you are getting married, or if you are having an outdoor wedding. It won’t be practical or warm wearing an elegant halter neck dress in winter! This will keep you from buying a dress that won’t feel right on the day.


Looking at different wedding magazines and wedding portals is a great way of finding inspiration.
Keep tear-outs of photos that you like and stick them into a scrap book or mood board, so you have a visual when consulting with your designer.
Try and whittle down your choices to at least 10 of your favourite dresses to show your designer so you both have a clear idea of what styles of dress you prefer.

If you are having your dress custom made, take your visuals and be specific about what you want. Consult whether your chosen designs will flatter you and your body shape.


Your wedding dress will probably cost more than any other garment you own. But a stylish and graceful dress doesn’t necessarily mean more money. It’s important to establish your budget before stepping into a bridal store and then sticking to it. Temptation is difficult to resist, and you may fall in love with a dress that will greatly exceed your budget.

For bespoke dresses, the price is usually determined by the amount of detail involved in making it, which can range significantly. Find out what options are available to you within your budget, or what your budget will be able to afford you for your bespoke gown.


We all have parts of our bodies that we don’t like. Dressing your body to enhance all the right parts is simply a game of proportion. Don’t worry about the parts of your body you don’t want to draw attention to, it’s all about using lines and light to accentuate your best assets.

Most women want to look taller and thinner in their dress. The key thing to remember is horizontal lines widen, while vertical lines elongate.
Diagonal details cut the width of the body and move the eye to another area of the body.


For those of you who are having a religious ceremony it may be required for you to be dressed modestly. It’s important you find out exactly what would be appropriate to wear, so you can incorporate new features into or around your dress. Having a slip on is an elegant and glamorous way to cover up and add another dimension to your bridal look, whilst also having the freedom to take it off after the ceremony.


Try on a variety of dresses. A dress you’ve seen on a mannequin or someone else may not flatter you as well as you thought. On many occasions, a dress that you would not look twice at turns out to be the one!
After looking and assessing in a three-way mirror, see whether the dress feels good on you, how comfortable it is and whether it gives you that confidence boost.


A great way to make things more fun is to bring someone along who will enjoy sharing this experience with you and knows your sense of style. But bear in mind, the more people you bring the more opinions you will have, which can confuse you from what you really want.

Make use of the bridal designers expertise, they’ll be able to suggest the best cut and design to suit your shape and skin tone.

The most important factor when finding your dress is keeping calm! Everything will all come together in the end, even if it takes longer than you thought to find the one. With my top tips, finding that dream dress will be a fun and happy experience that you’ll never forget. All the hard work and searching will pay off, as you’ll be the most beautiful bride with a dress to die for!

Timeless High Fashion Trends

The world of fashion changes every day and often it is necessary to get rid of the old to make room for the new. Many influential factors influence changes in trends and it’s a rare instance, especially in high fashion, when a trend can and does last forever. Timeless trends that will always be relevant in high fashion are equivalent to term diamonds in the rough.

True red comes in many not so trendy forms, but it will be a staple in high end fashion until the end of time. Why red? It’s the Marilyn Monroe of colors and considered a power color with a strong sexual influence for passion. Let’s look at the facts: it’s the color of fire, the common rose, hearts, passion, love as well as embodying many more other symbolic meanings. In China, it symbolizes beauty and celebration and it is the color brides most commonly wear on their wedding day. Did I mention that it’s one of the top colors chosen by men? It’s true Venus will always be rising in the high fashion world.

While on the subject of power, let’s add the well tailored pant suit. There are uncountable variations by numerous high fashion designers but there is one perfect fit for every woman. A good tailor is needed but not necessarily required. Women are powerful and a high end pant suit can be worn for almost any occasion with the right decorated accessories to accent. Try utilizing this trend if there is a powerful message that needs to be conveyed.

A staple piece of jewelry in high end fashion is the right hoop earrings. This accessory will never go out of style. Whether you like silver, gold, big or small, find the perfect pair that fits you. Getting a few variations is a must. Jackie O, god rest her stylish soul, received millions of dollars in diamonds and jewels from prestigious places and people, but her favorite were a pair of petite double hooped dangle earrings that she got for less than $100 and wore most of the time. She was photographed wearing them on numerous occasions. It’s simply impossible to settle for just any hoop earring and there are many styles to choose from so it’s important to take precious time to find the perfect pair. When you do, you’ll be soul mates. As for me, I’m going to be buried in mine.

The Clutch Purse is the queen bee of handbags. Which is very suitable considering the style was introduced to high society fashion during the Victorian Era. The fashion world had decided that the clutch was no longer in style and it diminished for decades until WWII. This was due to the shortages in materials and rationing. Since the clutch required fewer materials, it re-emerged in the fashion world. They’re dainty and they add a feminine touch to any style for any occasion.

Thomas Burberry was the founder and creator of the first trench coat. They were designed specifically for the British Army and when the soldiers came home, they continued to wear them on the streets making them the pillar of street fashion for men. Epaulets and other accents were added and the trench coat was reborn and continued to transform for both genders. Today, almost every high end fashion designer makes a variation. This piece may be the most timeless style for both men and women today.

New ideas and new trends in fashion are an exciting expectation to look forward to. It’s possible that innovative ideas can transform one’s world, for the good or the bad. Since the past is all we know, that is all we can reference. But there is one thing for sure and it’s these high fashion trends will be around forever, unless we become machines and robots. It could happen but it sure does give a whole new meaning to the word attachment.

How To Dress for the Workplace

Many people don’t truly understand how important your image and how you dress really is in the work place. You can be the best and most intelligent of employees, but if you’re image isn’t reflecting that many of your work related assets will be overlooked by those around you. A confident, pulled together professional look makes others around you assume that these same qualities will be present in all areas of your character and this directly affects how much clients, bosses and colleagues are willing to trust in you. With the present economy increased competition in the workforce it’s more important now than ever to make sure you’re everything from your job performance to your appearance is polished.

How You Dress does affect how well you’ll do in the Work Force.

Many women don’t truly understand how important your image and how you dress really is in the work place. You can be the best and most intelligent of employees, but if you’re image isn’t reflecting that many of your work related assets will be overlooked by those around you. A confident, pulled together professional look makes others around you assume that these same qualities will be present in all areas of your character and this directly affects how much clients, bosses and colleagues are willing to trust in you. With the present economy increased competition in the workforce it’s more important now than ever to make sure you’re everything from your job performance to your appearance is polished.

A common mistake many women make in the work force is wearing clothes that are ill-fitting, dated or too revealing. How your clothes fit you is extremely important. Clothes that fit incorrectly makes you look sloppy. Utilize a tailor if needed or simply steer clear of clothes that don’t fit the way they should. Wearing clothes that makes you look dated gives others the impression that you’re work skills are likely dated too. Many women make the mistake of shopping the same store or brand every time they purchase clothes for work which often ends up making them look dated. Shopping at a variety of stores and including a piece or two from more contemporary line like a blazer in a modern cut from a line like Rag & Bone will help you avoid this pitfall. Now, this should go without saying, but we all know that it still needs to be said. Leave the bright makeup, body piercings, exposed tattoos and revealing clothes for weekends and after hours, at work they’ll do nothing but hinder you in and unless you work in a very creative industry also avoid clothes that are overly trendy.

There is a saying Dress for the job you want not the job that you have and statement is true. The way you present yourself is the way people perceive you and the first thing people have to go on is what they see. Pay attention to how the people holding high positions in your workplace and industry dress and emulate that. It will make you stand out amongst your peers and cause people to naturally take you and your ideas more seriously which will help you move up in the ranks faster.

You don’t have to break the bank to establish a functional and effective work wardrobe. You want to start out with a core of neutral toned basics that are inter-changeable and easily paired with almost anything else and build your entire wardrobe around these. These basics will include essentials such as a pencil or a-line skirt, trousers, white oxford button down, blazer and a classic sweater. Once you have these basics you then add in your accessories and additional pieces that will give your wardrobe versatility, color and personality. This will allow you to mix and match and create a variety of outfits out of just a few good pieces.

Utilizing the help of a personal stylist will help you save money in the long run and maximize your wardrobe. In the past stylists were primarily known for working with celebrities, but that has changed over the past few years. Stylists are much more affordable now and everyone from stay at home moms to top level executives are using their services. A professional stylist knows what’s in the stores at any given time and has the expertise to help you create an image that will help propel you in your career. They will also help you better manage your clothing budget by expertly creating wardrobes that are inter-changeable and by utilizing their relationships with boutiques and stores in your area for the best deals.

Bottom line what you wear matters and it matters a lot. Why not invest the same effort in your professional appearance as you would with anything else when it comes to your career.

200 years royal jewelry

In order to celebrate the Queen’s reign 60 anniversary, Buckingham Palace will display nearly 200 years of Royal jewels in this summer. It will display the Queen’s private jewelry for the first time. Queen enjoyed a crown-like headdress, worn on the coronation of necklaces, earrings, and a mosaic of pink diamond brooch will be the highlight in the exhibition.

The name of the exhibition is diamonds: Diamonds:A Jubilee Celebration will be opening to the Buckingham Palace this summer, an important content. In the exhibits the most attraction is “Girls of Great Britian Tiara”. This Crown shape of headdress although insert full has diamond but weight comparison light, and wearing up comparison easy, so loved by the Queen, is called “Grandma of headdress”. Because this headdress is in 1893 by an United Kingdom Women Association “Great Britain and the Ireland girl” financing purchase. It is a gift to Victoria Queen of future Sun daughter-in-law of married gift. She is future of Mary Queen, is today Queen of Grandma. When married, Mary Wang gave it as a wedding present to her.

Last November, Queen host a state banquet held Turkey King had worn the tiara, and coupled with her Coronation in 1953 wore a diamond necklace and earrings. This diamond necklace displayed in the column, including 25 above are arranged in order of size diamond, middle weight at 22.48 carats is a drop hanging pendant, a pair of diamond earrings and matching. This necklace also after Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary’s coronation.

Another attraction in the exhibits was Queen Victoria wearing a Coronet. The Crown only 3.5 inches in diameter (approximately 8.7 cm), height 4 inches (10 cm), but the above is laced with 1200 diamond. Crown by Gerrard London jewelry making, this size can wear on behalf of Queen Victoria after her husband’s death the widow of veil to cover. Due to the lighter weight of the Crown, her last 30 years in Office, often wearing the Crown. It appears in her reign on the official portrait of the 50 and 60 of celebration.

Queen likes a flower shaped brooch will also be on display. This intermediate is a rare pink diamond brooch, 23.6 carat weight, from Tanzania, was said to be the world’s best a pink diamond. It was in 1947, Canada geologist John Williamson presented to the then Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gift. Later after cutting this diamond was embedded with the flower-shaped brooch on, so this brooch is also called Williamson’s brooch.

Some may ask, how much of the royal jewelry which was displayed in this show? The Royal Collection expert said:”it seems like you’re asking how much the weight of the world. This is absolutely meaningless and impossible. But it will be a truly spectacular show.”

Already astonished by the royal jewelry? In fact, you can DIY various jewelry even the same beautiful as the above. Select first class accessories on our site which is professional in offering wholesale jewelry supplies. In addition, you can enjoy the funny of jewelry making. Why not have a try?

How to Wear a Jumper Dress

Winter can be a tricky season to dress for, for many women. That’s because it’s tough putting together an outfit that looks great but keeps you warm too. And while warm trousers and a smart jumper might work well at the office, it’s not exactly an exciting combination for evening wear.

So it’s perhaps not surprising that winter-enduring women around the world have embraced the jumper dress, one of 2012-13’s most exciting trends. Also known as a sweater dress, the jumper dress pulls off the rare feat of being both cosy and fashionable. Not sure if it’s right for you? Read on to find out how you can look great in a jumper dress, while keeping your body wrapped up against the cold.

Picking the right jumper dress

Jumper dresses can be made from a range of different fabrics, from Merino wool to Jersey to a variety of woollen blends. Typically, they sport long or three-quarter length sleeves and fall down to the knee or mid-calf, depending on your height. Unlike many types of dresses, jumper dresses are unapologetically winter-friendly. And since they’re already made from thick material, they don’t usually require an extra outer layer to stay warm, though a faux-fur gilet will do the trick on exceptionally chilly days.

If you’re looking for a jumper dress to wear to work, stick to sober colours like grey, brown or black so as not to appear too casual. For weekend-wear, look for ones with a chunky cable-knit pattern or ruched detail. And if you’d like a jumper dress to wear on a relaxing evening out, search for one with a metallic trim or with a striking pattern knitted into it.

Accessorising your jumper dress

Jumper dresses are occasionally dismissed as dull by some fashionistas. However, this view ignores the versatility of this winter fashion item. If you’ve never owned one before, look for a black, knee-length long-sleeved jumper dress and experiment with a variety of accessories. Clip a wide leather belt over your middle to accentuate your waistline at the office, for instance, and replace with a brightly coloured scarf on your way to meet friends for after-work drinks.

The blank canvas presented by a typical jumper dress means it looks great with chunky jewellery, especially statement necklaces and bracelets. On a cold winter’s day, nothing will look or feel better than a jumper dress worn with knee-length boots and a shaggy circle scarf. And to make sure your figure isn’t lost in winter-wear, wear with cotton tights instead of woollen ones. With the right accessories, jumper dresses could be your new favourite clothing item throughout autumn and winter, not to mention the odd chilly spring day.

A Growing Trend Resurrected from the Past- Linen Pants for Men

One trend that has come and gone has been the use of linen in clothing. Made from the flax plant, linen was once considered a luxury material and is fast making its way back to the limelight. Linen pants for men are a swift growing trend for business and casual styles alike. They are readily available in online.

Linen is renowned for its breezy quality. It keeps the wearer cool and comfortable in hot climates. As it is considered harder to manufacture than cotton or wool, it is also highly regarded for its value. Linen’s value has actually come and gone throughout the centuries. In ancient Egypt, linen was used as a currency for other goods and used to wrap their dead after mummification to show prestige and wealth.

In today’s era, linen is growing back into its fame of being a highly prized luxury material that is both soft and durable. With its durable nature, linen pants for men are prized for a variety of applications. Archaeologists prize linen pants for their cool comfort in hot desert climates during digs. Safari guides are no different, preferring linen clothing above cotton to keep them cool and dry. Corporate giants find the material luxurious with its smooth texture and its tendency to reject lint.

Luster is another highly prized quality. Linen fabric has a natural shine that is a native property. As it is a natural material, linen tends to come in colors of tan, cream and grey which are favored with a variety of careers. Businessmen find the colors neutral and professional, and those who work in the field with the heat find the lighter shades to assist the natural cooling properties in keeping the body temperature at a comfortable level.

Another astonishing attribute that makes linen clothing highly sought after is its ability to absorb up to 20% of sweat without feeling damp. Its airy nature then disperses the moisture rapidly through evaporation, keeping its wearer dry even on the most humid days.

Being a luxury fabric, linen is surprisingly sturdy as well. It has a tendency of being considerably stronger when it is wet than when it is dry, which sets it apart from less robust materials such as cotton and silk.

What might be seen as a drawback instead becomes a boon with linen. Due to its nature of resisting abrasion and being strong, it does not stretch and initial shrinkage is minimal. This makes linen pants more worthwhile, as the fit will be perfect and maintain its shape for the life of the material.

Since it resists stains and dirt, linen is easy and affordable to care for. It has no tendency to pill with lint, can withstand high temperatures of a tumble dryer, and excels with professional dry cleaning.

With so many strengths and negligible weaknesses, linen pants for men are necessary for a well-rounded and stylish wardrobe. Fashion, comfort, stain resistance and durability mean less worry about your immaculate appearance so you can focus on the important things in life, from pleasure to career decisions. Get the sleek style you deserve and set yourself apart from your associates with this resurrected luxury. You deserve to become a trendsetter make your purchases in Linet linen

How To Give A Great Look To Your Old Shoes

It is important to give a lasting first impression. And trust me when I say this, you do not want to give a bad impression, especially when showing up for an interview or an important meeting with customer. Little things like un-tucked shirt or an unpolished shoe can go a long way into deciding your fate.

Here, we aim to provide some tips regarding how to make your shoes appear clean and tidy. If you follow the advice given here, then you will never face embarrassment because of your shoes.

You will need to think about what you need when you want to clean your shoes. Make sure you have the proper inventory. Important things include shoe polish, conditioner and a piece of cloth. Use a clean piece of cloth in the process. After collecting all the important items, start the shoe cleaning process by wiping your shoes with a wet piece of cloth. Cleaners can be used as an auxiliary for better results, but make sure that the cleaner does not damage the surface of the shoes. Afterwards, use a dry towel or piece of cloth to soak up the moisture from the surface of the shoe and allow to it dry out completely.

After cleaning the shoes with a moist cloth and drying it up, you should apply some conditioner on it. This will increase the life of your shoes. Choosing the right conditioner is important. You should do proper research and ask for the advice of the salesperson present in the stores. Do not deviate from what is specified in the instructions for use. Leave your shoes for a while after applying conditioner.

You are all set to apply the polish on your shoes. You will need good polishes that can keep your shoes shiny and clean for a day or two. There are a number of things to be considered here as well. First of all, it would be wise if you get the same colored polish as your shoes. If you want a polish for black colored shoes, then the process becomes easy. You will find many types of black shoe polishes in tubes and containers. If your shoes have a particular shade of brown, then look for the same colored shoe polish.

Your technique is also important when it comes to polishing your shoes. Put small amounts of polish on a brush and apply on the shoes with circular movements. Cover all areas of the shoe equally well. Now leave the shoes for some time. Finally, if you are looking for an extra edge, you may use a damp cloth to rub the outside of the shoes after doing all of the above to make your shoes look even better.

So, basically you should get the proper conditioner and polish for your shoe. Refrain from using low quality accessories on your shoes as they may fade the color of the shoes.

Picking Best Quality Headsets

We young ‘uns have the crazies for the best technology experiences and gadgets, whatever the cost. It is only easy to see how obsessed the modern civilization has become over electronics that tickles our six senses. Particularly over machinery that appeals to us visually and audibly. The better the clarity, the more it climbs up our list of ‘must haves’.

There are plenty of options and opinions regarding the best, and honestly, we are as bad as our worst clients when looking for what satisfies us the most. The criticisms are endless, and no one will be on the same page. Nevertheless it is important that whatever defines as the most convenient of gadgets to you or your team is purchased for your business or even personal use. Depending on your budget, there are plenty to choose from, with features differentiating accordingly.

Technology is vital to keeping in touch with your clients, and having misunderstandings is rarely tolerated. It’s just somehow not so amusing when you deliver flour to the florist to your customer. Clarity is key when your business is based on other international locations or at different states. This is where Quality Headsets play the role of saving you money, time, business, tantrums and clientele. Whatever you fancy the most, may it be double or single headsets are available in the market. The Bluetooth Headsets that are available are extremely light weight; some as light as just 90g. Plus the clarity and reception has only improved over the years due to competitive and demanding markets.

Headsets have also become increasingly flexible, giving more control and comfort to the operator. This is an obvious advantage as the focus would not be on adjusting, and readjusting while conversing, which could potentially create frustrations on both ends and missed information. The ear cushions have only become softer and comfortable, and it has increased in its outer sound proof as well. More features include better quality microphones, fully adjustable headband, noise cancelling, and adjustable clothing clips to name some.

Businesses may never run too smoothly with quite a picky one in the receivers end, but when conversations are clear, you know you are better off than you were before.

Hybrid Hard Drives Are Best Deal Right Now

You may not have heard about the new hybrid hard drives yet but they are quickly taking over the internal hard drive market place. Hybrid hard drives are basically a new take on combining a small SSD and traditional hard drive to give a big performance boost without the higher cost of the new Solid State Drives. When you combine a fast 7200 rpm Sata hard drive with a 32 gig SSD for the front end cache of often used files you get a great performance increase and large size hard drive.

Both Seagate and Samsung began producing these hybrid drives in 2007 but they really didn’t start selling well until the recent price drops. The software in the hard drive takes care of doing all the heavy lifting in regard to what resides where to get the best performance. And with 512 gig SSD units running well over $450, you can get a 750 gig hybrid drive with a 32 gig SSD for around $120. While the performance of the hybrid drive is not the same as a pure SSD drive, the boost is considerable and you can definitely feel the difference.

These drives come in both 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch formats (laptops and desktops). The two leading manufacturers of hard drives, Seagate and Western Digital, both have hybrid hard drive models available. Seagate seems to have an advantage at this point in both price and performance. But both manufacturers are bringing out new models often so the best deal might jump back and forth.

The best performance hybrid hard drives all have 32 gig SSDs and Sata 7200 rpm drives of 500 gigs or more. The larger the SSD size and the faster the rpm of the traditional hard drive dictates the real world performance. Are they as fast as a pure SSD? It really depends on your computer and daily computing habits. In my tests on both a newer Macbook Pro and Sony Windows laptop the boot times were much quicker and many daily activities were noticeably faster. Especially with iTunes and other intensive applications on both units.

Both the Mac and the Sony originally had 5400 rpm drives so the boost came from SSD and 7200 rpm traditional hard drive. Both units had much smaller hard drives too so the extra space was a good benefit too. These units were both about 2 years old and the new hybrid hard drive really made it like having a new computer. Both already had an Intel I3 chipset so they should be good to go for at least another 2-3 years.

Right now I would say that this is the best bang for the buck in upgrades for older laptops and desktops. You could go to a straight 128 gig SSD for about the same price and get a better boost but 128 gigs really doesn’t cut it anymore when basic OS and applications take up almost 85 gigs. And given that many users have up to 50 gigs of music alone, 128 gigs is not going to be enough space for many users.

Seagate does have software that allows you to easily clone your current hard drive and it takes about an hour or better to clone most 300 gig hard drives. All in all it took about an hour and a half for me to upgrade each laptop. You could also do a clean install and get rid of the cobwebs which would certainly help in the overall performance. But it works well either way, just a matter of personal choice.

Five Timeless Ways To Rock A Blazer

Blazers are well loved for their flattering shape and timeless style but you may not have realised just how flexible this simple jacket can be. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your blazer is too dressy for normal wear. Revitalise your blazer and ensure you’re wearing it to its maximum potential by learning about five great ways to rock this basic piece.

The trend for men’s cardigans remains strong and teaming a V-neck with your blazer instantly transforms a simple look into the layered style that’s all the rage right now. Complete your outfit with a crew-neck t-shirt that will make sure you’re not showing off too much chest and a pair of jeans in a relaxed fit. Combined, your clothes will have just the right flavour of laidback style and preppy smartness.

Teaming your blazer with a plaid shirt is another great way to give it a whole different look. To get this right, you need to make sure you choose a shirt that has a fitted cut and is of a fairly thin material. This will help it sit well under the blazer and keep you from looking as though you’ve got your layers wrong. Bright, bold plaids are great for ensuring your wardrobe has a fun, modern feel.

To really mix your styles, pair your blazer with some deeply distressed jeans. The combination of faded denim and smart blazer creates a great shabby chic style that’s as suitable for a night at a bar as it is for a day chilling out with friends. This look might not be great for work, unless you have a very relaxed office policy, but it’s perfect for making sure your blazer has a new lease of life.

When it’s cold outside, your blazer can really come into its own as an extra layer to wear over your knitted jumper. Team it with everything from Fair Isle sweaters to cable knits for a super cosy and very hip way to get some extra wear out of your blazer. This is a gentlemanly way to deal with cold weather and, if your workplace or destination has good central heating, it’s easy to take off a layer and chill out.

You don’t necessarily need to dress a blazer down to refresh your wardrobe. Many celebrities have started to see the charm is adapting their blazers for wear at black tie events and so can you. Simply pair your trusty blazer with some formal shoes, a pair of black trousers and a bow tie. A nice tweed with work just as well as a black blazer, so have fun mixing it up.

With a little bit of imagination, a simple mens blazer can be transformed into the perfect partner to a huge number of different outfits. Start experimenting and find some new looks for this wardrobe classic today.